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About the MCR

The MCR committee looks after the interests of the graduate community at Magdalene, organises social events, and maintains various facilities and services – including our extensive movie and games collection. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected each year in accordance with our constitution.

If you’re looking to send an e-mail to any of the committee members, then read on below or see our quick contact list. Use the e-mail prefix which follows each name, and add ‘@magd.cam.ac.uk’. To send to the entire committee, use magd-mcr-comm as a prefix – but please refrain from doing so for requests to add items to our twitter bulletin, please send to the MCR president directly.

President, Roxine Staats (mcr.president)

Hi! I’m Roxine and I’ll be going into my second year as a PhD student in Chemistry, where I work on the development of drugs against neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. As the MCR President, my job is to make sure the MCR keeps running smoothly, that all your interests as a graduate student are well-represented in the College, and that you have a rewarding, fulfilling time as part of Magdalene’s close-knit community. Myself, and all my fellow committee members, are free to be contacted at any time if you have queries about anything during the year, and we look forward to spending time with MCR members new and old during all the events in a bustling 2018/19 calendar!

Vice-President, Ashley Hannay (mcr.vicepresident)

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am going into the second year of my PhD in Law. I am a legal historian and work on the history of trust law in the later fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Alongside the other executive committee members I work to ensure the MCR cogs keep turning. More specifically, as VP, I work closely with the President in representing the MCR in College meetings and liaising with the JCR. I can often be found rambling in law French and wearing my ridiculous, some might say absurd, tartan trews at BA dinner. I also play football for the College team and recently accidentally tripped and fell into M3 for May Bumps.

Secretary, Mike Lewis (mcr.secretary)

Hi, my name is Mike and I’m about to begin the 2nd year of my PhD in archaeology where I am undertaking archaeometric investigations into 4th -3rd millennium BCE pottery from Iraqi-Kurdistan. As the MCR secretary, my role is as a record keeper of the MCR through writing meeting agendas and minutes, to organise the termly banquets, and to work alongside the President, Treasurer and Vice President to ensure the smooth running of the MCR overall.

Treasurer, Petros Chatzimpaloglou (mcr.treasurer)

I am now in the third year of my PhD at the University of Cambridge, investigating the sources of stone artefacts found at many Neolithic sites in the Maltese islands. My broader interests are protection and restoration of archaeological sites and monuments. During my free time, I listen to music and drink coffee or watch my favorite basketball team. I have been elected as the MCR treasurer for 2018/2019 and my main responsibility is to keep the finance of the committee in order. Furthermore, I will try to use the available funds to improve the facilities of the common areas and invest on initiatives which will increase the welfare of the graduate students in the college.

MCR Consultant, Rowena Downie (mcr.consultant)

I’m heading into the final year of my PhD in Plant Science, researching genetic disease interactions in wheat, based at NIAB (National Institute of Agricultural Botany). As your former president (2017/18) and treasurer (2016/17), I am here to advise and guide the MCR committee, as well as being an extra pair of hands.

Admin Officer (Master of the Keep) & External Social Officer, Jacob Deasy (mcr.admin) (mcr.esocial)

I am entering my second year at Magdalene and the first year of my PhD, researching deep learning and artificial intelligence applied to biomedical research, based in computer science. As Master of the keep (or the far less exciting title MCR Admin Officer), I am responsible for ordering and managing supplies for the various events put on in the MCR throughout the year. If equipment in the MCR is broken or something has run out, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am also responsible for the organisation and management of formal swaps with other colleges as the External Social Officer. These events will happen throughout the year so keep an eye on your email and the MCR Facebook page if you’re interested!

Academic Officer, Dylan Gaffney (mcr.academic)

I’m new to the MCR committee and heading into my second year as a PhD student. For my grad research I’m studying the prehistory of eastern Indonesia, in an area currently unexplored by archaeologists. Taking on the role of Academic Officer, my job is to organise events of academic interest within the college, such as Parlour Talks.

Admiral of the Punt, Alec Josaitis (mcr.punt)

I’m a provincial Michigander enjoying the refinements of Cambridge and the first year of my PhD in Physics. Despite having luddite tendencies, I develop new instrumentation to study the evolution and content of the early universe. As Admiral of the Punt, I maintain the mighty Bismarck and am here to answer questions you might have about the punt-booking process.

International Welfare Officer, Pascal Gehlert (mcr.welfare)

Hey, my name is Pascal and I am about to begin the second year of my PhD in aerodynamics. I look at the unsteady force generation around objects, specifically that occurring during flapping wing flight of birds and insects. Away from work, I greatly enjoy doing sports and I am part of the University tennis team. As International Officer I am there to assist international students settle into college life at Cambridge. I also help to organise events, bringing together the international student community.

Names of members of previous committees are available here.