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About the MCR

The MCR committee looks after the interests of the graduate community at Magdalene, organises social events, and maintains various facilities and services – including our extensive movie and games collection. The President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected each year in accordance with our constitution.

If you’re looking to send an e-mail to any of the committee members, then read on below or see our quick contact list. Use the e-mail prefix which follows each name, and add ‘@magd.cam.ac.uk’. To send to the entire committee, use magd-mcr-comm as a prefix – but please refrain from doing so for requests to add items to our weekly bulletin, these should go to the IT and Publicity officer (mcr.itpub) directly.

President, Nicholas Rice (mcr.president) 2016_nick_rice

I’ve been at Magdalene for close to three years now and I can say with confidence you’ve joined the finest college in Cambridge. I’m in my second year of my PhD in chemical engineering. I study fluid flow using MRI. As the president I look after the general running of the MCR community and am in charge of your MCR committee who will be responsible for a great deal of your social engagement in college. I also represent MCR concerns on a variety of college committees, so please feel free to get in touch regarding your queries or any issue (e.g. housing, welfare, food and formals, sports or social matters) pertaining to your graduate life here at Magdalene. I also very keenly involved in the boat club, so I’d be very happy to speak about rowing for a totally arbitrary length of time.

Secretary, Kaitlin Ball (mcr.secretary) Kaitlin_Ball

I’m a recovering attorney from the U.S. reading for a PhD in Politics and International Studies. I enjoy subversive cross stitching, cooking, and awful jokes.

Treasurer, Rowena Downie (mcr.treasurer) Downie_2016

This is my second year at Magdalene and I’m a PhD student studying Plant Sciences. You’ll often see me at the MCR or the Boat House. My role as treasurer is to keep an eye on the money, so if you have any ideas on how to spend our DVD and board game budget, please let me know. I am also the Women’s Welfare Officer, so please feel free to get in contact for any advice or a listening ear.

IT Officer, Craig Russell (mcr.it) 2016_Craig_Russell

When you do things right, people won’t know you’ve done anything at all.

Public Communications Officer, Jess (mcr.pubcomm) 2016_jess

Welcome to Magdalene! My name is Jess, and I’m just about to begin the second year of my PhD in Archaeology. I found the MCR to be a welcoming community when I arrived last year, new to the Cambridge experience – and I hope you do too. I will be keeping you informed of events and opportunities both within and outside of college, via our mailing list and on social media. I also represent the MCR on LGBT+ issues. Please get in touch if you have any related concerns and I will do my best to help and advise you, or just provide a listening ear.

External Social Officer, Amy Webster (mcr.esocial)2016 Amy Webster

Welcome to Magdalene! I studied here for my MPhil in Children’s Literature and had such an amazing year that I returned for my PhD. When not reading copies of The Wind in the Willows or Alice in Wonderland I can probably be found yelling at people in a boat as a cox for Magdalene boat club. I’m also Vice-President for the amazing night that will be Magdalene May Ball 2017! In my role as external social officer I organise swaps for a group of our MCR to attend formal dinners at some of Cambridge’s other colleges. It’s a fantastic way to branch out from our BA dinners and experience the best that other colleges have to offer – look out for my emails throughout the term for information on dates and sign up!

International Welfare Officer, Ya Lan Chang (ylc33) 2016_ya_lang_chang

Hi, I’m Ya Lan (Yalan), a PhD student in Law. As the International Welfare Officer, I will take care of the international students and help with any questions or problems that they may have. I will also organise some international-themed events throughout the year. Feel free to get in touch!

Internal Social Officer, Evie Taylor (mcr.isocial) Photo 2

Hello and welcome to Magdalene! I am an English Literature graduate, in my final year of a two year Law degree. You can find me playing netball for Magdalene or sitting at my favourite desk at the back of Pepys Library, looking out over the Fellows’ Garden. I felt so welcomed by the MCR and our lovely community of postgraduates when I started last year, and I look forward to catering for all your social needs here in college. Please do get in touch with any suggestions for social events you would like to see!

Internal Social Officer, Wilhelm Hüttenes (mcr.isocial)

I always wanted to become an inventor and now I find myself doing the second year of a PhD in Materials Science. What I do all day? Well, when I am not indulging in the exuberant Cambridge life – inventing things 🙂
And making sure that Magdalene stays as welcoming and colourful as it has ever been. Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions concerning Magdalene events (or Cambridge life)! The social team and I are a very welcoming bunch of people and if there is anything to make your life (even) better here, or if you want to get involved, do let us know.

Internal Social Officer, Eóin Parkinson (mcr.isocial)

Yo. I am in the second year of my PhD in Archaeology and my additional interests include travelling and music. As a social officer I am part of a team responsible for organising social events for the MCR and I hope to make your Cambridge experience a wild ride through time and space. Feel free to drop me an email with any questions you have about upcoming social events in Magdalene or general information about the college!

Welfare Officer, — (mcr.welfare) NR

Environmental Officer, Hope Bretscher DSC_0095-1

Hello! I’m a 1st year PhD student in Physics, and am originally from the US. I’m studying semiconductors in my PhD, and hope to contribute to the development of more sustainable methods of producing energy. I think preserving the environment is extremely important, and want to get involved with helping Magdalene to become more sustainable. I hope to reduce waste and promote green and social responsibility in the college. If you have any ideas how to improve reduce impact, become more green or sustainable, please reach out to me!

Academic Officer & Consultant, Michael Sugarman (mcr.academic)Michael Sugarman

I’m a fourth year PhD student studying urban history in South and Southeast Asia. This year I’ll be the MCR’s academic officer and be putting on periodic Parlour Talks to showcase the research done in Magdalene’s graduate community. As the MCR’s former president, I’ll also be advising the current committee as the consultant.

Admin Officer, Pedro de Oliveira (mcr.admin). NR

Hey! I’m a second year PhD student in Engineering, a rowing enthusiast, and the current president of the Samuel Pepys Coffee Society (yes, there is such a thing). As the Admin Officer, my role is to keep things running smoothly in the Middle Combination Room.

Information Officer, (mcr.information) NR

Sports and Outdoors Officer, Evelyn Boettcher (mcr.outdoors) 2016_Evelyn Boettcher

Hello! My name is Evelyn Boettcher, and I am a PhD student in the Department of Politics and International Studies from Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. As your Sports and Outdoors Officer, I am looking forward to helping you stay active and healthy at Magdalene. Whether you want to commit to representing Magdalene in a dedicated team sport, or are interested in trying out new activities in a more relaxed setting, I will actively work to create opportunities for healthy exercise in our wonderful community. I recently served as the Vice President of the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club, and am thus experienced with both university and club level athletic teams. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me about getting involved in the outdoors and sports within Magdalene and the wider Cambridge community!

Consultant, — (mcr.consultant) NR

Names of members of previous committees are available here.