The first week

The first week is a very busy time as there are lots of events on offer and contacts to make in College and in your Department or Faculty. The MCR Committee organises a range of events so that you get to know the College and your fellow MCR members. Come along and get involved: you won’t regret it! A timetable of Freshers’ events is sent via email (on your university account) and also printed in your pigeonhole when you arrive in College. On the first Saturday of the Michaelmas term, a welcome reception is organised in the MCR Room and for the rest of the fortnight, a variety of events are planned for all new graduates in College. On the first Friday of the Michaelmas term, the Master and the Fellows of the College invite all incoming graduate students to the Matriculation Dinner in Hall.

The University sports clubs and societies hold freshers fairs at the University Sports Centre in West Cambridge and in Parkers Piece in the centre of Cambridge. There you will have the chance to join whatever groups take your fancy. Full information is available at and