New Students

Magdalene is one of the smaller colleges in Cambridge, and one of the friendliest. Whether you’re just here for a year or for a PhD, you should have a great time!

The College doesn’t play a course-related role in the life of most graduates, but it does offer the opportunity to meet people of different ages, interests, and nationalities, and to participate in all kinds of events and activities.

The different members of College are united in several bodies or “Rooms”. The Undergraduates are in the “Junior Combination Room” (JCR) and the Fellows in the “Senior Combination Room” (SCR). As a postgraduate you are a member of the “Middle Combination Room”, or MCR. The MCR has its own Committee that looks after the interests of its members, organises social events, and maintains graduate facilities and services.

This guide is presented to you by the MCR Committee and is intended to give you an idea of what to expect from College life. It should cover most things, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our External Coordinator (mcr.coordinator AT if you have any extra questions or just want to say hello! Starting at a new place is always a bit daunting (even if you’re meant to be grown up) but we’re here to help.