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Formal dining is a cornerstone of Cambridge life, with Magdalene providing such a dinner every night! Formal dinners are guest driven affairs where one may take a supervisor, friends or special person for table service, quality food in a historic dining hall.

Formal hall booking

Starting in Easter term 2015, it will be possible to book three guests in formal hall. It will only be possible to book this third guest starting at noon the day before the booking closes. The change applies to both normal formals and BA dinner (but not special meals such as banquets).

For BAs specifically:
– booking will open, as usual, on Sunday 10h30,
– it will be possible, as usual, to book to guests from Sunday 22h30,
– on Wednesday at 12h it will be possible to book a third guest,
– unbooking, as usual, is allowed until 10h on Thursday,
– booking, as usual, close at 12h on Thursday.

We hope this will allow people to grab seats that are released at the last minute, without impairing anyone’s ability to book in.

Formal swaps

Cambridge has 31 colleges and they all offer formal meals in one form or another. To give students the chance to sample life at each others’ places, we organise “formal swaps” throughout the year, whereby we go to formal at another college one week and host them for BA dinner at Magdalene another week.

This is a great chance to explore the diversity of Cambridge colleges, both in terms of architecture and the quality of food!

The preferred method of payment is via online transfer.

High table booking

Grads have a twice-a-year right to dine at high table free of charge, so long as there are fellows dining that evening. Each year, the days at which you can make use of these rights change slightly. Generally it’s 4-5 days a week during term with exceptions for specific events (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during term for 2015).

Call/email the buttery to book in (at least 36 hours in advance), and let them know your dietary requirements. Email: Andy Ruddell (acr35).