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IT and Computing

College rooms all come with wired internet connections as well as WiFi being pervasive through the college. Please note that due to curious politics at the college you will ned to register your devices online before being able to access the internet, eduroam or otherwise. This registration process occurs at 00:00 on the first day of each term, causing a short service disruption and a reset of internet balance to 0GB. The MCR is currently working with the JCR to address this so be aware that it will happen and that we are negotiating a resolution.

For IT issues, concerns, complaints contact either mcr.itpub@magd.cam.ac.uk or it@magd.cam.ac.uk.

In an emergency (internet is dead) please email sos@magd.cam.ac.uk.

Computer Facilities

New college members will be assigned a Magdalene specific login by the computing office; this will entitle them access to all public computers in Magdalene. Computing clusters can be found at: Mallory Court (A), Cripps Court, Library, 30 Thompson’s Lane and Basing House.


Printing is charged directly to your college bill at the end of term and public access printers are located in each computing cluster.