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Moth Tour

Magdalene Science Society welcomes

Alexandra Torok giving a

Moth Tour

While people may associate moths with the image of drab little creatures that come out of your closet, this could not be further from the truth. Moths come in many shapes, sizes and even colours – over 800 species of macro-moths are known to inhabit the British Isles! During the summer months many of them take flight and can be observed coming to light sources or during the day in gardens. Come join us as we investigate just what kind of moths are hiding in the nights of Cambridge.

We will meet at 11:30am in the College’s Scholars’ Garden for an interactive tour with hopefully live moths and finish just in time for a leisurly brunch at Ramsay. In case of a rain shower at just that time we will meet in the Parlour, instead.

For your free booking, please log in here. All members of Magdalene College are most welcome at this event.


Alexandra has spent the past few years with the Department of Zoology in Cambridge studying moths as an example for startle displays in predator-prey interaction. She has conducted extensive field work in both Madingley Woods, Cambridge and Brunai and will also draw on her experience gained with the annual Cambridge BioBlitz. As an expert on moths, both real and robotic as those used for her research, she is happy to answer all your questions on them and hopes to share her appreciation for these intriguing creatures.

To contact Magdalene Science Society, please email science AT magd.cam.ac.uk. You can also sign up for the mailing list here.